Tasting at Reustle Prayer Rock in the Umpqua Valley

Oregon Vine2Wine Tours will take you to wineries in one specific area. You will meet vintner's who make wines that reflect a sense of place. The two wine regions that we feature on our full day tours are not as widely known as the Dundee Hills and often get passed over by people traveling from out of the area. We want people to experience wines that are well crafted, pair well with food and are produced by some of the best winemakers in the state. We also want you to meet the people who are responsible for making the wines and share their passion with you. The two regions that we focus on are the Umpqua Valley and the Eola-Amity Hills. 



Umqua Valley in Roseburg: Known as "100 Valleys" because of many peaks and valleys created by the convergence of the Coast Range, Cascades and Klamath Mountains. This is a unique terroir that is warm enough to make bigger reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo. (Departs from Eugene or Roseburg.)


Eola Amity Hills near Salem: Lesser known region producing some of Oregon's best Pinot Noir. This is also a unique terroir that is heavily influenced by coastal breezes through the Van Duzer Corridor, the low point in the coast range.  An ideal area for Pinot Noir where days are warm and nights are cool. (Departs from Eugene, Salem and Portland.)


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Pinot Noir at Harvest
French Oak barrels for Oregon Pinot Noir
Tasting Wine at Abacela in the Umpqua Valley
Reustle Prayer Rock in the Umpqua Valley