Taste The Wine!


Oregon Vine2Wine Tours has you interacting with the owners and the winemakers while you taste their wine! We will have several discussions before, during and after the tasting regarding how to taste and what you are tasting.


This is a little bit of wine 101, but it is more than that. We will explore some science behind the wine. We will discuss topics such as yeast strains, clonal selection, oak impact, fermentation variables, etc. There are many factors that can detract from the sense of place that makes a wine special. The winemaker has decisions to make that influence the outcome, making them a part of the terrior.


Tasting wine is more than determining if you are smelling cherries or currants. It is also about appreciating when a winemaker produces a wine that shows a sense of place.



Come taste the wine with us! 

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Pinot Noir at Harvest
French Oak barrels for Oregon Pinot Noir
Tasting Wine at Abacela in the Umpqua Valley
Reustle Prayer Rock in the Umpqua Valley